THE Bahamas Council of Deliberation
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite  of
Freemasonry ,
Prince Hall Affiliated  Northern Jurisdiction
P.O. Box G.T.-2115
Nassau Bahamas
Est. 14 MAY 1962
Deputy of The Orient
S.G.I.G.  Roscow  A.L. Davies 33
[email protected]
Tele: 242 325 2189
P.O. Box N-33
2nd Lt. Commander
S.P. Derek Newry 32
1st  Lt. Commander
G.I.G. Cyril Beckles 33
Ill. Treasurer
G.I.G. Henry B. Cooper 33
Ill. Secretary
S.G.I.G.  Everette Z. Mackey 33
[email protected]
Immediate Past Deputy
Lt. Grand Commander
S.G.I.G. Basil L. Sands 33